Snowsports FAQs

A session runs for 1 hour. This includes approximately 30 minutes slope time and you will alternate on and off the slope during your session to provide rest times for all participants. Guests are encouraged to arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of their session for check in, equipment fitting and briefing time. Failure to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your slope time could result in lost time during your session.

We offer both.. In a group or public session you will be matched with people of a similar ability. In a private session you have one-to-one tuition or you can bring other people (max 4) with you to share the session.

Unfortunately we cannot refund booked sessions, however we can reschedule your appointment if given at least 24 hours notice. Payment will be forfeited if cancellations/reschedules occur within 24 hours of your booking.

Yes, we coach both skiers and snowboarders however they typically do not use the slope at the same time. Snowboarders must be at least 130cm.

There can be a maximum of 3 people on the slope at a time. The number of people on the slope depends on several factors including skill & experience.

Yes. To join a group session skiers must be at least 4 years of age and snowboarders must be at least 130cm. In a private session we can take younger children. It really depends on their size and confidence so bring them down and introduce them to one of our instructors!

We recommend you wear something comfortable and easy to move in. No singlets or denim pants. Long pants are recommended but shorts are also fine. You must wear socks (preferably knee high) to go under your ski/snowboard boots. We have some for sale if you forget to bring your own. Loose jewellery will need to be removed.

Our slopes are NOT cold slopes. UX generally ranges in the comfortable 20c to 30c range.

Yes we recommend wearing elbow and knee protection however it is not mandatory as the slope surface is soft.

Skiers are generally able to turn and stop within the first 1 hour session. Snowboarding takes a little longer to learn the basics, but most people will be making their first turns by the second hour.

Urban Xtreme teaches you the correct skiing or snowboarding techniques, but you will need to adapt your technique to the conditions on the snow at the time you are there. It should be noted that the indoor slopes cannot replicate the broad range of conditions that you will encounter on the snow.

Yes! You can hire either a single slope or both of the slopes for a private function. Up to 9 people can be booked on to a slope (or 12 if all participants are children).