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Run, leap, jump, climb, vault & traverse your way to your destination, using any means and movement possible to get from A to B as creatively as you can at our fun and challenging Brisbane Parkour Park! The goal is to travel from one point to another in the quickest, safest and most efficient way possible. You will be encouraged to use your skill, techniques and problem solving to get to your final destination!

Our parkour park and obstacle course training facility is designed for regular parkour goers, experts and first-timers.

Let out your inner child and be challenged in our Xtremely safe and supportive environment where you can let yourself go, test out your skills, learn new techniques and have loads of fun!

Man on Parkour Course


This physically challenging sport originated from France in the 1980s by David Belle, inspired by the art of movement during his father’s firefighting training! Who would have thought?

Freerunning or parkour is the art of overcoming obstacles within natural and urban environments using a variety of techniques, including Leaping, vaulting, jumping and traversing!

From the words of David Belle, “Parkour is firstly about the useful side, to teach people how to trust themselves, to learn to be careful. The philosophy is always to advance, never to stop. If some time you have problems, like in life, if you have an obstacle you must always continue forward”.

Whilst the sport was established in France, our Brisbane Parkour park is where it thrives and we will continue to bring the world of parkour to Brisbane.

Get access to our Parkour park, along with our Ninja Warrior course, Laser Tag, Trampolines, Dodgeball and Launch Jump with a Park Pass or Multipass. That’s 6 activities for one entry price!

Off-Peak Prices available Monday – Friday during the school term!



Get started right away with our experienced coaches who are there to teach you the techniques of parkour and obstacle race training. These skills can be transferred to other areas of your life… Maybe you could even be the next parkour YouTube sensation? Fame’s not guaranteed but muscular endurance and upper body strength will be! This is what you can expect:



Parkour uses a range of physical exercises to reach the finish line. This can range from long runs, walking lunges, rope climbs and even bear crawls. Resulting in a full body workout, grip strength and muscle toning.


Parkour increases your mental strength as well as your physical strength. It requires you to make quick decisions and foster your creativity when considering your next movements. The skills you will take away from the obstacle course races will help you in everyday life. You never know when Parkour or Freerunning may become useful!


Teaches kids to recognise and value their own abilities and have respect for themselves and others. It helps build their confidence enabling them to grow and overcome any obstacles they face in life.


Encourages kids to build better relationships and social skills. All our programs encourage social interaction, teamwork and positive communication.


By taking on this challenge with a team of others, you will realise you have the ability to conquer your fears and learn to trust yourself. Leaving you with the confidence to accomplish anything with your newfound problem solving skills.


Offers a range of physical benefits such as flexibility, balance, coordination and agility whilst having fun at the same time. learning patterns and repeating actions.


Girl on Parkour



Get your Spiderkids leaping into parkour, preparing their bodies with fitness, agility and mindful movement to safely overcome physical obstacles. This 10 Week Parkour Program is a thrilling adventure class all in a safe environment. The classes are perfect for kids who love to leap and climb onto everything, as well as for those who are still finding their balance.

This is a new program coming soon to our Adventure Sports Academy! Bring out your inner urban adventurer — hit the button below!


Master the art of movement. Leap, climb, jump, vault, roll and traverse your way through an urban parkour jungle! Parkour is the best energy-boosting school holiday activity in Brisbane. This challenging 1hr Parkour workshop is in a safe environment, run by our own highly skilled, professional athletes.

Kids will have loads of fun mastering their terrain…and build their balance, self-awareness, strength and coordination at the same time! Every superhero-in-training builds new skills and techniques in this popular fun, challenging and engaging workshop.

*Available during school holidays

Parkour Fit & Freestlye



Dedicated to the unique skills needed to master the art of movement in any terrain, our ParkourFit & Freestyle sessions run every Sunday afternoon (4:00- 5:00PM). Bring out your inner urban adventurer and improve your strength, fitness, agility and balance in a fun environment. Our experienced Parkour Coaches will be on hand to help you test your skills and teach you a few new tricks.

1 hour of structured class time with our trained coaches, covering:
  • Warm up
  • Strength training
  • Obstacle training
  • Technique & tips
  • Cool down
+ Access to the Ultimate Tag event afterward!

  • Learn to navigate urban terrain
  • Improves strength, agility and cardio
  • Balance & coordination
  • Functional body movements with strength-based exercises
  • Encourages respect & discipline
  • Build friendships, super social & FUN!
Experience the fast-paced action of Ultimate Tag at Urban Xtreme in Brisbane.



Urban Xtreme is bringing the best game of tag you have ever played to Brisbane every Sunday. With a range of different game modes, you will be challenged to evade and tag through a world-class purpose-built indoor parkour course and with our specialized Parkour Coaches, your tag game will reach a whole new level.

15 minute warm up
45 minutes of game time. With multiple game modes, participants and objectives you’ll never have the same tag game twice!

  • Learn to navigate urban terrain
  • Improves strength, agility and cardio
  • Balance & coordination
  • Functional body movements with strength-based exercises
  • Encourages respect & discipline
  • Build friendships, super social & FUN!



Take your training to the next level, master the art of movement and advance your Parkour skills with a private one-on-one coaching session with our highly skilled, Xtreme Parkour Coaches!

Private Parkour Coaching will help you bring out your inner urban adventurer, improve your strength, fitness, agility and balance in a fun environment. Our experienced Parkour Coaches will be there to help you test out your new skills and teach you a few new tricks.


Parkour is a training discipline that practices traversing obstacles in a man-made or natural environment.

It involves moving through an area negotiating obstacles by the use of running, vaulting, jumping, climbing, rolling, and other movements – by any means possible! You travel from one point to another in the quickest and most efficient way possible without the use of equipment. It is the art of body movement, designed to help you become physically and mentally strong.

Participants must be 120cm in height to participate in the Xtreme Parkour areas. The exception to the rule is during Adventure Parties, which Urban Xtreme allows from ages 8 and older to participate regardless of height. Some classes also allow under 120cm to participate.


Put some FUN back into your fitness regime & stop paying too much for casual visits or a traditional gym membership. You’ll be treated like a VIP for as little as $7.50 P/W*, with access to 6 awesome activities!

Forget the traditional gym & discover how we’re putting the FUN back into FITNESS!

Whether you want to train like a ninja, get an obstacle race ready, rock climb to new heights, get your heart pumping with some cardio jumping or get ski-fit to hit the slopes, our activities and fit classes offer something for everyone!

Join Australia’s No.1 Adventure Sports Park for all your training needs.

There are 3 great memberships to choose from to suit your fitness, time, budget and adventure goals. All include big discounts on everything from food, beverages, training programs and merchandise to complimentary classes and grip socks. You’ll even receive an invitation to member-only events.

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