Indoor Trampoline Park Brisbane


Whether you bounce, flip, twist or roll your way onto them, there is no denying that trampolines are serious fun for all ages. But did you know that they are also a great way to stay fit? We’re known as the most exciting trampoline place in Brisbane and we have something fun for everyone!

Fun and fitness together sounds too good to be true but trust us – a jump session at our trampoline park in Brisbane will have your heart going in no time! It’s also a great low impact exercise, stress reliever and the perfect way to drag the kids (young or old) away from their screens.

With two trampoline courts at Urban Xtreme, we offer a variety of casual sessions and trampoline gymnastic classes so, whether you are flying solo on an indoor trampoline in Brisbane or part of a group, we have something to suit you!

Running 7 days a week, get access to Ninja, Parkour, Laser Tag, Trampolines and Dodgeball with a Park Pass or Multipass. That’s 5 activities for one entry price!



Our Junior Jumpers class encourages all participants to learn, explore and test themselves in a safe and encouraging environment on the best trampolines in Brisbane that will give your little ones a true lift in their skills, mood and fitness!

This is a structured 9 week term-based program run by our trained crew members, who  will support participants to ensure they have a safe, fun and active experience. Perfect for all abilities. This program is suitable for students aged 6-10 years.

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Bouncing, twisting in the air, landing on your bottom and springing to the sky are so much fun! What’s even better is feeling the burst of energy from a bounce and the incredible fitness that comes from jumping on a trampoline. Brisbane’s Urban Xtreme has pulled together the top 6 reasons that you, your friends or your kids should get their bounce on with us!


1. Get trampoline toned!

Trampolining really works out those muscles, including your legs and stomach, as you use your core muscles to jump and stay balanced. In fact, it’s the perfect way to tone your stomach and tighten your bottom.


2. Faster (and fun!) fitness

Just 10 minutes busting out your moves in the air at our trampoline park in Brisbane is equivalent to a 30 minutes run but so much more fun! It’s not just us saying that. According to a NASA study, bouncing on a trampoline gives your body the same benefits of running, but in a third of the time!


3. Strong muscles

All that powerful jumping builds stronger muscles in your legs. The repetition of springing up and down and powerfully moving yourself in your bounce means your muscles contract more than they do in most other exercises. That builds stamina!


4. Lymphatic lift

It’s not just your body that you’re lifting into the air, but you’re lifting your whole lymphatic system at the same time! The lymph system carries toxic substances out of your body. It needs gravity and body movement to work properly. To clean out the waste, bacteria and nasties from your body, get bouncing at our trampoline place! Brisbane jumpers have 2 Xtremely fun trampoline courts to choose from.


5. Energy to burn!

All that oxygen flowing through your body as you bounce gives you incredible energy and trampoline fitness. Brisbane junior jumpers will want to jump for hours, using up their boundless energy! For the kids at heart (adults), all that bouncing promotes more oxygen flow around your body, That feeds your brain with oxygen so you’re more mentally alert.


6. Bounce away your stress

Release the feel good brain chemicals (endorphins)! Trampolining is a sure-bounce way of reducing stress while having so much fun. You can spring your way out of anxiety or depression! Bounce out your stress! There’s little more invigorating or adventurously fun than a bouncing session at our trampoline park in North Brisbane!



Take your trampolining to a whole new level with a dodgeball game that will have you and your teammates jumping, swerving and flying through the air in a battle of fun trampoline warfare!

It’s high-energy, high-flying fun where you slap, push or punch soft balls at your teammates and bounce your way out of the firing line so you don’t get hit! Talk to our coaches about high-flying tricks and tips to become the Dodgeball champ!

Develop new strategy and bounce skills as you out manoeuvre your opponents, always moving upwards and sideways to avoid a direct hit, while taking out your team members, one by one.
It’s safe! It’s high-energy excitement! It’s a workout!



What should I wear to trampoline?

Be as comfortable as you can by wearing athletic clothing with some stretch so you have plenty of movement when you hop on an Xtremely fun indoor trampoline. Brisbane jumpers must wear Urban Xtreme grip socks to avoid slipping.


Why do I have to wear Urban Xtreme grip socks?

Our grip socks are specially designed to help maximise grip, your safety and general hygiene. Purchase a pair online or from our reception and they’re yours to keep and re-use.