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Dodgeball Boys

Take bouncing, ducking and diving to a whole new level! Dodgeball at Urban Xtreme is proving to be a huge hit (literally)!

The rules to indoor dodgeball in Brisbane are simple but the strategies are complex. Groups pair off into two teams and when the whistle goes, balls fly! Will you play it safe in the back or dive into the fray? Do you attempt a catch or maneuver out of the way? Either way, the result is a high-energy game that will have everyone laughing along the way.

Get access to Ninja, Parkour, Laser Tag, Launch Jump,Trampolines and Dodgeball in Brisbane with a Park Pass or Multipass. That’s 6 activities at our thrilling play centre for one entry price!

Off-Peak Prices available Monday- Friday during the school term! 

Adults playing dodgeball

Dodgeball Tournament coming soon!

Pride and bragging rights will be on the line soon with Urban Xtreme bringing its first official Dodgeball Tournament to Brisbane! Planning is still underway so watch this space and stay up-to-date with our news by signing up to our newsletter!





You’ve never experienced anything like the high-energy thrills, dives and slam dunk moments of Xtreme dodgeball in Brisbane — Urban Xtreme. Our interconnected trampoline park is the most exciting adventure sports park in Brisbane! What’s even better – it’s good for your body and so much fun! Here’s 4 reasons why you should try dodgeball on your next visit to Urban Xtreme!

1. Strong, agile, fit!


Dodgeball is the most amazing indoor sport for giving you stamina, energy and flexibility like you’ve never known before. When you’re throwing the ball and bouncing, your arms and legs are in action, building up muscles in your back, core, legs, shoulders and arms — just think of all those tiny muscles you wouldn’t usually use!

2. Bursts of energy


Those bursts of energy that see you explode out of the way of a flying ball or pounce after them are anaerobic exercise actions. That means you’ll have your heart pumping, then resting, and you’ll burst up with energy again keeping the blood circulating.

3. Great for eyesight


Watch your hand-eye coordination improve as you target your opponent. Pick up the movement of the ball in time to throw your body out of the way! It’s great for your eyes, reflexes and such a fun way to improve your health.

4. Fun!


What better way to exercise than a hard-fought game of dodgeball! Dodge, dip, duck & dive! What ever it takes to stay in the game.

Give the Xtremely fun indoor dodgeball in Brisbane a try!


Rally up your teammates for a classic game of dodgeball. Brisbane Xtreme Dodgeball includes jumping and swerving the barrage of soft balls flying in your direction. It also involves eliminating your opponents from the game by hitting them below the shoulders with your ball throw. You need a minimum of 4 players on the court.

Dodgeball- When are you out

When are you out?

  • You throw a ball that’s caught by the other team on the full
  • When you’re hit by the ball on the full.
  • You throw a ball and hit another person above the shoulders (avoid their head!)
  • You cross the centre line or enter the neutral zone
  • You hold a ball for longer than 10 seconds.
  • When the ball is caught bouncing off the wall or ceiling
  • You get hit above the shoulders

Want to know more? We’ve got you covered with our coaches onsite ready to get your high-energy game started! Find out more about how you can get started playing dodgeball in Brisbane!




Be as comfortable as you can by wearing athletic clothing with some stretch.
Ensure you have plenty of movement so you can hop, twist and turn freely when you’re playing an Xciting game of trampoline dodgeball at Brisbane’s Urban Xtreme. You must also wear Urban Xtreme grip socks for your own safety and to avoid slipping.



Our grip socks are specially designed to help maximise grip, your safety and general hygiene. Purchase a pair online or from our reception and they’re yours to keep and re-use.

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