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Ninja+Parkour FAQs

Xtreme Ninja is an obstacle based challenge course. Participants use strength, balance and agility to navigate the course.

Parkour is a training discipline that involves moving through an area negotiating obstacles by running, jumping, swinging and climbing.

Participants must be 120cm in height to participate in the Xtreme Ninja + Parkour areas. The exception to the rule is during Adventure Parties, which Urban Xtreme allows from ages 8 and older to participate regardless of height. Some classes also allow under 120cm to participate.

Participants may access the Xtreme Ninja & Parkour area as part of our 1 and 2 Hour Adventure Park Passes. During busy times, groups will be cycled out of the area with 15 minute intervals, but may queue up again if their Park Pass is still valid.

Enclosed footwear must be worn. We recommend comfortable clothing that you can be active in. 

All obstacles have been built by reputable manufacturers and are inspected daily for safety. Participants are briefed upon arrival on safety rules and trained coaches are on hand to supervise safe use of the obstacles at all times.

In the unlikely event of an injury, Urban Xtreme has First Aid trained staff on hand.

Xtreme Ninja has obstacles for all ages and levels of fitness. You can take it as fast or as slow as you want, and can choose to skip any part of the course you wish.

Laser Tag FAQs

Laser Tag is a high tech sport where players wear computerised vests and a handheld laser is used to tag other players in the arena. The playing arena is a dimly lit, multi-level playing environment with additional targets and base stations throughout. 

Before you play your first game, you will receive a detailed briefing from the instructor. This will give you all the details you need to play. In a nutshell, your suit will light up when you are active, and each time you are tagged, you will be deactivated out of the game for around 8 seconds. Your pack will make sounds and talk to you, so after a while you will get used to what each sound means. There are a variety of targets and base stations to score additional points in the game. Urban Xtreme also has a variety of game formats available for those that are up for the challenge!

Each game is around 10 minutes plus a 5 minute briefing. 2 games is approximately 40 minutes with briefing and breaks. 3 games will take just over an hour.

The Urban Xtreme arena can host 33 players in a game on up to 8 different teams. Many more players can be hosted in a session or group.

We recommend 5 to 6 years as the age when someone can start playing. This can vary depending on size and confidence. Bring your little one down, and we can see how they like the arena!

Enclosed footwear is a requirement. Casual, comfortable clothes are fine, just no singlets or loose jewellery.

Xtreme Laser can be played at any fitness level. You can take it at your own pace. If you are pregnant, have epilepsy, a pace maker/heart condition or any other physical condition that may impact your ability to play safely, please notify an Urban Xtreme team member before entering the arena.

The playing arena is a dimly lit playing field with glow in the dark features and some LED lighting. It is dark enough to create a cool atmosphere and light enough to be safe

No, The lasers used are low power and within Australian regulations.

The lasers do not harm in any way. Paintball and Laser Tag are very different activities.

South East QLD has one of the strongest tournament scenes on the planet. If you are interested in bringing a team to play, or in joining a team, speak to one of our friendly crew about LASER LEAGUE or find out more on our website.

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