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Your membership ID can be located in your booking confirmation, which you would have received after payment 😊

A minimum term of 3 months is applied to all Memberships, and is determined from the date of purchase. All memberships will be charged to the customer based on the option selected through the online payment tool. Once you have completed your minimum term, your membership will continue. If you wish to opt out (once you have completed your minimum term), you are able to do so in writing to [email protected].

Notice of opt out must be in writing and must be provided with at least a 30 days notice before the next debit to guarantee cancellation prior to the payment.

For a full list of benefits and inclusions please visit our memberships compare page.

People of any age can join a Membership so long as they meet our height and weight safety requirements.

  • Under 120cm for Playland and direct adult supervision
  • 110cm minimum for Trampolines, Dodgeball and Laser Tag
  • 120cm minimum for unassisted access to Ninja + Parkour Course and the Launch Jump. Children between 110cm – 120cm can still use the Ninja + Parkour Course with direct adult supervision.
  • Minimum 15kg and maximum 120kg for climb.
  • Lead climbers must be 13 years and over.
  • The minimum age requirement for any Snowsports activities is 4

Upon your first visit, after signing up to a membership, you will be requested by Urban Xtreme crew to take a photo for your membership profile. You will need to check in at the front desk anytime you attend the park so that we can review your profile photo and provide a wristband for entry to the park.

If a member attempts to share their membership access with anther person, they risk having their membership suspended or cancelled by Urban Xtreme management.

Members may cancel their membership with 14 days written notice, at any time after the minimum contract period has ended. You can do this in writing by emailing us at [email protected]

You can also cancel your membership if we breach our obligations and we do not fix the breach in a reasonable time after you have told us about it in writing. We will refund you any membership fees you pay between the date of notification and the date on which we decide that we cannot fix the breach.

You can cancel your membership during the minimum term without penalty if:

  • Suspension it is not a suitable alternative, AND
  • You are sick or incapacitated. (A certificate from a qualified medical practitioner stating that you cannot exercise for the rest of your term must be presented), OR
  • You are bankrupt. Supporting documents must be presented in this instance.

In all other cases, an early exit fee of $150, and 30 days-notice will be required to cancel a membership within the minimum term.

Urban Xtreme also reserves the right to suspend or cancel memberships if guests engage in misconduct or inappropriate behaviour whilst on the premises. For more information, please refer to the Urban Xtreme Terms and Conditions.

You can suspend your membership for 2 or more weeks, up to a maximum of 6 weeks at a time. You cannot suspend your membership for a partial week.

The suspension fee for all memberships is $5 per week, which you can pay in advance or by direct debit.

Memberships can only be suspended when all membership fees are up to date and no money is outstanding.

Urban Xtreme cannot backdate any suspension.

Please note that if you are within your minimum term, membership suspension is not classified as a payment toward your contracted term.

You can suspend your membership for more than 6 weeks if you have travel, for medical or bankruptcy reasons. Urban Xtreme management must be satisfied by your supporting documents to suspend your membership for longer than 6 weeks.

Urban Xtreme will not charge you for membership suspension if it is due to  health or bankruptcy reasons.

You can transfer your Membership to another person (transferee) within the minimum term of your agreement so long as the transferee:

  • is not currently a member
  • is eligible to take up your membership

The transfer is effective only after the transferee has completed the sign-up process.

Snowsports Memberships are non-transferable.

Members may upgrade at any time during the term of their membership with no penalty or fees.

Members may downgrade their membership only after completing the minimum term.

If you can’t see your question here, please contact our Membership team by emailing [email protected]

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