Top 5 Reasons Why Ninja Training Will Be Your New Favourite Sport

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The More You Escape the Ordinary, The More You’ll Learn

Remember when you were a kid and you would play for hours until you were exhausted? FUN was the name of the game and age was no barrier. Your fitness level was high, your fat levels were low.

Ninja training is your opportunity to play like you’re a kid again. To achieve peak levels of strength and fitness. To reach your physique goals in the process. To have FUN and train in a way that is functional, meaning it will help you move more effectively in every day life.

Here are the Top 5 reasons why Ninja Training will be your new favourite sport:

1. Ninja training will make you strong and fit like a true athlete

Not only does Ninja training build your upper, lower body, and core strength, it requires Superhuman levels of endurance as well. It is a true full body workout!

2. Ninja Training will help you perform better in other sports

Ninja training will help you develop skills such as improved agility and motor control, faster reaction times, and mental focus.

3. Ninja Training will help you overcome mental obstacles

It will help you to overcome mental obstacles by teaching you to push the limits and remain focused on the final outcome – the top of the warped wall!

4. The Camaraderie & Teamwork

You may have watched the TV show and seen all of the other ninjas as well the crowd cheering each other on to complete an obstacle. The same thing goes at Urban Xtreme. You are part of a team, all developing and supporting each other.

5. The Sense of achievement

When you couldn’t make it through that obstacle one week, then you come in and nail it the next, THAT feeling is incredible! And we want you to experience it for yourself.

Isn’t it time you stepped away from the mediocrity of your gym environment and tried something fresh and exciting?

Why not try out Xtreme Ninja at Urban Xtreme, Indoor Ski & Adventure Park!

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