Unleashing the Next Generation of Gladiators at Urban Xtreme

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The iconic sports entertainment game show, Gladiators, has made a much-anticipated return to Australian screens, promising a mix of nostalgia and fresh excitement. With the premiere on January 15, 2024, the show brought to life a new era of competition, featuring a dynamic tribe of 21st-century superhumans ready to take on brave Aussie contenders. This revival is not just a testament to the timeless appeal of physical challenges and spirited competition; it also marks a significant moment for Urban Xtreme, as we align with the show’s essence, raising the next generation of Gladiators through our unique activities and programs, including Adventure Sports Academy and Teen & Adult Fitness Classes in Brisbane.

A New Arena for Modern Gladiators

Gladiators is set against the stunning backdrop of a brand-new gladiatorial arena, where contestants will face off in a mix of new and classic events designed to test their speed, strength, stamina, agility, and power. From the high-flying Hang Tough to the fierce Duel, and the ultimate test of The Eliminator, the show promises to deliver unparalleled excitement. With iconic sporting heroes Liz Ellis and Beau Ryan hosting, and the legendary Mark McGaw, aka Hammer, as the referee, the reboot is a perfect blend of athleticism, strategy, and entertainment.

Urban Xtreme: The Training Ground for Tomorrow’s Gladiators in Brisbane

At Urban Xtreme, we couldn’t be more thrilled about the return of Gladiators. Our Adventure Sports Academy and adult fitness classes offer the perfect training ground for those inspired by the show. We believe in making fitness fun and accessible for everyone, from kids to adults, transforming the concept of a traditional gym. Our programs are designed not just to build physical strength but also to enhance agility, coordination, and mental resilience, mirroring the diverse skill set required of a Gladiator.

For the Young Gladiators

Our Kids Adventure Sports Programs are specially tailored to inspire the younger generation, instilling in them the spirit of adventure and competition. From obstacle courses and parkour to laser tag and skiing, we provide a diverse range of activities that challenge and engage kids in a supportive environment. These programs are more than just fun; they are a stepping stone to building the confidence, teamwork, and physical strength needed on the Gladiator arena.

Each child who joins our Adventure Sports Academy embarks on a journey of self-discovery and growth. We emphasise the fundamentals of body movement, strength, balance, coordination, and cardio fitness. Beyond physical benefits, our programs foster self-esteem, self-respect, communication skills, and social interactions. Children learn to value their abilities and respect others, paving the way for strong, confident individuals capable of overcoming any obstacle.

Our programs are structured with a progression pathway, ensuring that every child can see and measure their growth. Milestones are not only set but also celebrated, reinforcing the positive impact of perseverance and hard work. This approach guarantees that children of all ages find enjoyment and motivation in staying active, making adventure sports a fun and integral part of their lives.

Unleashing the Gladiator Within Adults

For teens and adults, our adventure classes take fitness to the next level. Imagine preparing for the Eliminator while scaling our climbing walls, or enhancing your agility and speed in our parkour sessions. Our classes are designed to push your limits, improve your fitness, and ensure you have a blast doing it. Whether you’re aiming to compete on Gladiators or simply looking to get into the best shape of your life, Urban Xtreme offers an unparalleled training experience.

Our Teen & Adult Fitness Classes are crafted to offer a comprehensive fitness solution that combines resistance exercises, dynamic strength, power, and functional body movements. Participants learn to focus and harness their energy, challenging themselves to surpass their limitations. The benefits are manifold, including improved strength, balance, coordination, cardiovascular conditioning, and maximum calorie burn. These classes not only prepare participants for the physical demands of competitions like Gladiators but also promote a positive, healthy lifestyle.

Channel 10’s Spotlight on Urban Xtreme

Recently, Channel 10 featured Urban Xtreme as the go-to destination for those looking to train like a Gladiator. This recognition underscores our commitment to providing an innovative and effective training environment that caters to the demands of modern-day athletes. With the spotlight on us, we’re more motivated than ever to support our community in achieving their fitness and competitive goals!



Join the Ranks

As Gladiators ushers in a new era of entertainment, Urban Xtreme stands ready to support the dreams and aspirations of future contenders. Whether you see yourself taking on the Gladiator challenge or simply wish to embrace the spirit of the show in your fitness journey, we invite you to join us. With our great facilities, expert coaching, and a community of like-minded adventurers, you’ll find everything you need to unleash your inner Gladiator!

The reboot of Gladiators is more than just a revival of a beloved show; it’s a call to action for individuals of all ages to push their limits and embrace a more adventurous and active lifestyle. Urban Xtreme is proud to be at the forefront of this movement, providing the training ground for the next generation of Gladiators. So, are you ready to join the ranks and make your mark in the arena? Visit us at Urban Xtreme and let your journey begin!

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