COVID-19 Update

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We are continually reviewing the situation as more Government updates become available and will continue to operate under our COVID Safe Plan and update our community with any new information.

We are open and adhering to the COVID-19 guidelines set out by the Queensland Government. 

FACE MASKS: Due to the current regulations, face masks are not required within the park. However, if you would prefer to wear face masks, please feel free to do so.

VENUE CAPACITY: Our venue capacity will be in line with Government regulations.

SOCIAL DISTANCING: Our venue is huge (6000sqm to be precise) allowing us to provide enough space for social distancing between out customers. We ask that where possible you adhere to the 1.5m between yourself and other customers at all times.

CLEANING & SANITISATION PROCEDURE: We have a strict hygiene and cleaning process with mandatory audits performed daily throughout the entire centre. This includes deep sanitation and disinfecting to all apparatus and obstacles within each activity. We perform deep cleaning of each activity on a daily basis to ensure our high standards of hygiene are maintained. To keep up with our high volume of customer traffic we manage strict hygiene standards by constantly disinfecting surfaces throughout the day and between sessions.

Urban Xtreme has a tightly controlled set of safety procedures that have been approved by the best industry safety specialists available and are based on industry best practices. Urban Xtreme is committed to continual refinement in the pursuit of excellence in safety procedures.

We have also placed hand sanitising stations around the park for your convenience and ask that you sanitise upon entry to the venue.


If you need to get in touch with us, please email us at [email protected] and head to our website to Book Now.

Mandatory face masks

Updates 2 January 2022

From 1am AEST Sunday 2 January masks must be worn indoors everywhere in Queensland, except in your own home or accommodation, and where it is unsafe, such as while doing strenuous exercise.


From Sunday 2 January 2022, you must wear a mask indoors everywhere in Queensland. This includes:

  • all indoor workplaces
  • public transport and rideshare
  • supermarkets and retail shops
  • hospitality venues including pubs, clubs and cafes
  • cinemas and theatres
  • indoor stadium, sports arena or sports centre
  • gyms and sport activities
  • vulnerable settings like hospitals and aged care
  • schools, childcare and other education facilities
  • airports and on planes

You do not need to wear a mask outdoors if you can remain 1.5 metres away from others that are not members of your household.

Children under 12 years and people affected by a medical condition or disability do not lawfully have to wear a face mask. See exceptions from wearing face masks.


You are not required to wear a mask outdoors unless you can’t maintain 1.5m physical distance from other people.

Indoor workplaces

Masks must be worn at indoor workplaces such as offices unless unsafe to do so.

Public transport

Masks must be worn on public transport, including platforms and ferry terminals.

Private vehicles

You are not required to wear a mask in your car if you are driving alone or with members from your household.

Masks must be worn by the driver and passenger/s if anyone is not a member of the same household.

Taxis and rideshares

Masks must be worn in taxis and rideshares, including ranks and designated pick-up areas.

Masks must be worn at all times by both driver and passenger, unless the driver is alone in the vehicle.

Indoor retail

Masks must be worn at all times in shopping centres, supermarkets, retail outlets and shops. There are exceptions for photo sessions.

Hospitality venues

Masks must be worn at all times in hospitality venues except when seated. This includes pubs, clubs, restaurants, cafes, food courts and other venues where a person buys and consumes food, drinks and ready to eat meals.

Indoor cinemas and theatres

Masks must be worn at all times, such as when entering and exiting and when seated. Persons are allowed to remove their masks when eating or drinking during the movie or in other areas of the cinema.

Indoor stadium, sports arena or sports centre

Masks must be worn at all times, including standing as a spectator, unless seated to watch as a spectator.

Gyms and sport activities

Masks must be worn when entering or leaving the facilities and can only be removed during strenuous exercise.

Vulnerable settings

Masks must be worn at all times by healthcare workers and visitors in hospitals, healthcare settings, residential aged care facilities, disability accommodations, and prisons.

Queensland airports

You must wear a face mask and wear it in all indoor areas of a Queensland airport as well as outdoor passenger transport and passenger waiting areas, such as carparks and taxi ranks.

Face masks do not need to be worn in outdoor areas of an airport unless you are in a passenger transport or passenger waiting area.

Air crew and airport workers who are not interacting directly with passengers do not need to wear a face mask.

Domestic commercial flights

You must wear a face mask at all times if you are on a domestic commercial flight while the plane is at a Queensland airport or in Queensland airspace.

Please note other states have similar rules in place regarding the wearing of face masks on planes and in airports.

Transport drivers

All transport drivers transporting people required to quarantine to or from government nominated quarantine must have a transport plan (DOCX) and be endorsed by the Department of Transport and Main Roads. This plan outlines personal protective equipment requirements.

Quarantined persons

If you are arriving to Queensland from overseas or a COVID-19 hotspot and you are required to quarantine, you must wear a face mask at all times while travelling from the airport to your quarantine hotel. You must wear the mask until you arrive at your allocated room in government arranged accommodation.

Exceptions from wearing face masks

There are some exceptions to wearing a face mask, including:

  • children under 12
  • travelling in a private vehicle, either alone or with only members of the person’s household
  • a person eating, drinking or taking medicine
  • where visibility of the mouth is essential
  • where a mask needs to be removed to clearly communicate
  • a person with a particular medical condition or disability
  • performing work where clear visibility of the mouth is required, e.g. a speech therapist in a hospital or healthcare setting.
  • a resident of a residential aged care facility or a shared disability accommodation service (This is subject to any policies or requirements of a facility or service)
  • a prisoner in a corrective services facility or a detainee in a detention centre (This is subject to any policies or requirements of that facility or centre)
  • a person undergoing medical treatment
  • if a person is asked to remove a face mask for identity purposes
  • if wearing a mask creates a risk to a person’s health and safety
  • in an emergency or when required by law
  • in any circumstances when it’s not safe to wear a mask
  • if you are an air crew member or airport worker who is not interacting directly with passengers.

A person who removes their face mask under an exemption must resume wearing a face mask as soon as practical. For example, as soon as they finish eating, broadcasting or receiving medical care.


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We are adhering to the Qld State Government Vaccination Mandate from 17th December for further information please visit QLD Health. Please note from 17th December 2021, all customers aged 16 years and over that enter Urban Xtreme must be fully vaccinated and able to provide proof of vaccination.

The owner or staff of a non-essential business (i.e. one to which restrictions for unvaccinated persons applies) may ask to see your vaccination status. The onus will be on the person entering to show proof of their vaccination status.

We understand that this mandate will affect customers within our community, and we are very much looking forward to the rules changing at some point in the future. In the meantime, please know we are on the same side as you, and that we are having to make difficult decisions based on the government guidelines. Unfortunately, we have no choice but to comply with the mandate.

We ask that everyone respects the staff at businesses. If they ask to verify your vaccination status, they are only doing their job and taking reasonable steps to enforce the restrictions.

COVID 2020/21 has already been a very difficult time for us, and this is just another hurdle we are required to navigate through. We hope you find a venue that can host your group, and we would absolutely love to welcome you and your family back as soon as the rules change.


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