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Tie in, chalk up, and take it to the next level!

Jnr Climbers is the perfect way to introduce young athletes to the world of Rock Climbing. This introductory courses gives kids the foundations in the physical, technical and mental components of climbing, with a strong focus on building a climber’s confidence, self-esteem and enthusiasm.

  • Safety, expectations + rules
  • Footwork and balance
  • Hands, holds, and coordination
  • Body positioning + rests
  • Agility and speed
  • Dynamic movement
  • Slow controlled movement
  • Advanced techniques like flagging + dropknee
  • End of program competition
  • Respect
  • Discipline
  • Self Control
  • Confidence
  • Focused energy
  • Anti-bullying skills
  • Positive attitude
  • Building friendships
  • Teamwork

Membership: Why pay upfront when you can become a member and get a whole lot more!? For only $35pw All Access members get 1x 10 week program + an xtreme number of other benefits like unlimited park access! Click below to find out more!

Program bookings are subject to availability. Secure your place now!

Spectator Passes are not required for program bookings. 



Get started with the basics!

Learn to Climb 101 Classe introduces new climbers to beginner and intermediate concepts of climbing techniques. After completion of this 1hr class, climbers should be able to continue climbing individually whilst applying basic technique and knowledge of holds and features in the climbing world.

Learn to Climb includes 1hr Climb Program, harness hire + access to Climb following the class completion

The structured classes focus on using challenges to implement the techniques in a fun yet competitive style. Training and conditions are appropriate for all ages with a primary focus on warmups, cool downs, and stretching. 

  • Safety, expectations + rules
  • Footwork and balance
  • Hands, holds, and coordination
  • Center of gravity
  • Body positioning + rests
  • Rock overs
  • Solid understanding of the basics of rock climbing
  • Goal setting and accomplishment
  • Self Control
  • Confidence in your climbing



Take your climbing to the next level!

Our Learn to Lead Climb program is the perfect way for climbers to learn the basics of indoor lead climbing with hands on support from our professional instructors.

Progress your climbing to the next level as we teach you the technical components of lead climbing, rope management, clipping techniques, falling and catching falls and key safety requirements for indoor lead climbing.




Xtreme Climb has 8 lead points giving lead climbers the ability to climb up to 14 metres.

All lead climbers must do a lead climb assessment with our crew. Lead climbers are required to bring their own rope and must be aged 13 years or over to participate in lead climbing. Just book a standard Climb Pass below at your desired time to attend!

Assessments are offered during weekday business hours. We cannot guarantee the availability of assessments on weekends. For more information contact our Climb Team via emailing [email protected]


Climb Squad

The Urban Climb Squad is a comprehensive training program that prepares climbers for competition at all levels, or for those just wanting to maintain fitness. If you’re looking to take your climbing to the next level, click below to register your interest!

Want to meet fellow climbers, build your network, or just looking for a belay partner? Keep updated with social nights, deals, and all things UX Climbing by joining the Urban Xtreme Climbing Community.




  • Weekly classes for 4-12YRS
  • Train just like on the show!
  • Social and fun
  • 10 week programs
  • Casual classes available

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  • Strength + Conditioning
  • 9 week program
  • Casual classes available
  • Fun and social
  • suitable 6-10YRS

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  • 6 week program or casual
  • 1.5hr lessons
  • Fun and social
  • Qualified Instructors
  • Activities on and off slope

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  • Casual weekly class
  • Parent participation welcome
  • Develops a variety of skills
  • Fun and social
  • Stay+play for free afterwards

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