About Climb


Climb to new heights on our brand new 10.8 metre high rock climbing wall.  With 320 square metres of wall and over 14 metres of climb including overhangs, you will have plenty of space for creative and exciting route setting.

Designed by one of Europe’s leading rock wall designers, our giant naturalistic canvases play host to 21 ropes, 8 lead points and 4 auto belays, making it an ideal environment for solo climbers or groups alike. It doesn’t matter if you’re tackling your first course or climbed all around the world, our walls immerse the climber in an experience that is as fun as it is timeless. 


For those that have a need for speed, we’ve got you covered. Urban Xtreme has Queensland’s only IFSC 10.8m Certified Speed Climb Walls, perfect for training and hosting competitions. 


  • Carpet matting will keep your feet clean and the dust down.
  • Safety matting
  • Instructors

In a location that is only 10km from Brisbane CBD and 5km from Brisbane Airport, your next adventure is only a harness away!